Al-‘Abbās, the uncle of the Prophet , came to the Prophet and said,

“Ya Rasūlullāh, teach me a du’ā’.” .

The Prophet said:

“O my uncle, say:

Allāhumma inni asaluka al-‘āfiyah

(O Allāh, I ask you for ‘āfiyah).”

💎 What is ‘āfiyah❓❓❓

‘Āfiyah means

🎐“to save me from any afflictions.

🎐To be healthy, you are in ‘āfiyah.

🎐To have enough money

🎐To live, you are in ‘āfiyah.

🎐To have your children protected,

you are in ‘āfiyah.

💎 And if you are forgiven and not punished, you are in ‘āfiyah.

‘🎐Āfiyah means

“O Allāh, protect me from any pain and suffering.”

👉🏻This includes dunya and ākhirah.

Al-‘Abbās رضي الله عنه thought about this for a while, and then he came back after a few days and said (paraphrased):

“Ya Rasūlullāh, this du’ā’ seems a little short. I want something big.”

💎 The Prophet said, “My dear uncle, ask Allāh for ‘āfiyah for wallāhi, you cannot be given anything better than ‘āfiyah.”

🎐It is a simple du’ā’.

Sincerely mean what you say.

“O Allāh, I ask You to be saved from any distress, grief, hardship, harm. Don’t test me.”

All of this is included in

“Allāhumma inni asaluka al-‘āfiyah”

📘Riyadh As Saliheen, Sunan At-Tirmidhi


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