Journey of memorization…

🌹✨🌟This message is for ….
All those who have set out on the way of Quran memorization and it’s teaching

Know that … the journey of memorization and teaching you will find difficulties and obstacles which is not found in any other fields of knowledge
But a true believer is the one who ignores everything except his noble goal (of memorizing the Quran )
He overlooks the lack of firmness (steadfastness) in the memorization and does not lose hope but continues to repeat and show Allah the goodness in him
And he overlooks lack of perfection in his recitation with tajweed but continues to struggle and remains patient and exerts in reading until Allah blesses him and makes him skilled with the Quran.

Know that ….learning and teaching the Quran is a blessing that matches no other blessing
You feel the greatest level of happiness when you imagine that Allah chose you from among many of His creations to preserve His Wahy (Revelation) in your heart.

Know ….none of the gatherings in the whole world equals to bliss and delight of the gatherings of the Quran
And no love can match the love of the people of the Quran and by Allah is the Jannah of Allah on the earth

Know that… the Quran is noble
If you have embarked on the way of the Quran and then left it,be certain that your returning another time will be the most difficult task that you will face in your life (the Quran is noble)

To conclude know that …Allah did not prefer you for the memorization and teaching of the Quran except for a station for you with Him
So protect this position and be keen on it
Be cautious not to exceed in any circumstances and always ask Allah for steadfastness


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