“…indeed, Allah loves the doers of good (the Muhsinoon).”

🔋 (Al-Baqarah 2:195)

Who are the Muhsinoon❔❓

🎙They spend in the cause of Allah (swt).

🎙They refrain from harming themselves on purpose.

🎙They engage in Ihsan (excellence) at all levels.

🗝The third point is the key here – they engage in Ihsan. Now what is Ihsan exactly❓

🗝It is the purest of faith.

🗝It is the soul of the faith

🗝It indicates completion of faith.

Why is Ihsan so important that it actually indicates completion of faith❓

🕯The reason is when you inculcate Ihsan, you achieve excellence in all your good deeds. This is because you perform every action as though you are seeing Allah (swt) Himself. You end up doing your best ALL the time because you are Allah-conscious. At the same time, you are also aware that Allah (swt) is watching you. Once this feeling is firm in your heart, you will be able to conquer such negative habits as anger.

⚖Such a person has the following characteristics:

🎚S/he is very cautious about oneself.

🎚S/he is never heedless.

🎚S/he analyzes one’s actions very closely – there is a commendable level of accountability.

🎚S/he engages in every good deed with excellence.

🔬Characteristics of Muhsineen mentioned in the Quran🔬

🕯They are Muslims.

🕯They believe in the five pillars of Islam and the articles of faith.

🕯They submit to Allah’s (swt) commands without questioning them.

🕯They only seek His love and His pleasure.

🕯They abstain from whatever Allah (swt) has forbidden. If they unintentionally do anything prohibited, they discard it as soon as they find out it is not allowed, Islamically.

🕯They perform acts of
worship with excellence.

🕯 Their hearts are free of riya (hidden shirk) or any intention of showing off.

🕯They are just. Whether in relationships, or when judging between people, they strive to be just.

🕯They measure their words carefully and speak only what is best. They don’t even come near to any of the tongue terrors.

🕯They give their wealth in charity for the sake of Allah (swt), regardless of their own circumstances (healthy, wealthy, poor, in distress or in good times). Money is not very important to them.

🕯They never complain to Allah (swt) and implore to Him: Why me? In all circumstances, they accept the Divine will and predestination. They think good of Allah (swt) at all times.

🕯They perform good deeds for Allah’s sake, not so people would call them perfectionists.

🕯They do get angry if someone or something irks them. However, they try to suppress it and do not react. Their anger is never apparent on the outside.

🕯They pardon and forgive people for their shortcomings.

🎛Are you wondering if ANYONE can ever fit the above-mentioned qualities❓

⏱ Remember Prophet Yusuf (as). He forgave his brothers and did not punish them in kind for what they had done to him.

⏱Similarly, remember Prophet Muhammad (sa), the best of the Muhsineen.

🏅Allah’s reward for the Muhsineen🏅

🎗Allah’s (swt) greatest reward for them is His Love for them. Imagine how the person will be if Allah (swt) loves him/her‼

🎗S/he has obtained the Love of Allah (swt), who is the Master, the Owner, the King of all kings, the Bestower, the Most Merciful, the Forgiver, the Most Rich, the Forbearer, the Nurturer, and the Disposer of affairs❕

“Indeed, Allah does not allow to be lost the reward of the doers of good.”

☪ (At-Taubah 9:120)


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