Why imaan is like a tree?


🌴Why imaan is Like A Tree.🌴

🌳Imaan is like a good, strong tree that is firmly rooted in good soil with its branches reaching up into the sky, bearing abundant fruit, producing its fruit for everyone by the grace of its Lord.Thus imaan is the tree, its roots are ‘aqeedah which is rooted deeply in the heart, and its trunk, branches and fruits are deeds and actions.Undoubtedly if the roots are removed or turn rotten or dried up, they will no longer exist. Similarly, imaan will no longer exist if `aqeedah is taken away. If the trunk or branches are cut off, or some of them are cut off, the tree will weaken and may die altogether, because the presence of branches and leaves are essential to the trees continued existence. Similarly, if deeds are neglected, in part or in whole, thus imaan will be reduced or destroyed.


🍃Shaykh ‘Umar Sulayman ‘AbdAllah  in ‘Al `Aqeedah fillah


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